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The project is aimed at creation and a large-scale testing of the model of the local economy and raising funds for the development of real production of agricultural goods and services.

Without bank loans or state subsidies, but with the involvement of huge resources of private crowdfunding and the principles of decentralized participation of any person. With the involvement of elements of security, stress-resistance, "green economy", etc. in a complex segment such as operating business in the countryside. Using tokens issued on the WAVES Platform. With the use of the services in the blockchain Emercoin.

Existing foundation, background, participants and localization

Project development began in 2007 on the basis of the new model of the rural economy, which relied on freedom, mutual aid, self-organization and self-sufficiency, as well as simplified schemes of fair and private cooperation, openness and trust.

Project participants are a number of friendly farms, legal entities engaged in production, consumer society, private subsidiary farms, and individuals. Almost all the participants already have the required production facilities, means of production, machinery, equipment, and land.

The range of products and services is broad enough: from food to complex modules of special equipment for high-tech production. Today's volumes of local production completely satisfy the needs of the participants of the ecosystem and are also freely implemented in the open market, donated to charitable and social purposes.

Thus, this project is not created from scratch, but has a workable and sustainable local base with its assets, production and profit.

New project tool

Token, or discount token, KOLION (Kolion, KLN) is a crowdfunding tool with inherent functions of accounting for raised non-fiat funds and granting privileges to the participants of the loyalty program of the KOLIONOVO ecosystem.

On my part, there is an offer to issue one million KOLIONS (KLN) in exchange for cryptocurrencies with a starting price being at the equivalent of one US dollar.

The crowdfunding campaign starts on April 01, 2017. Duration of the crowdfunding campaign is 30 (thirty) days.

The fact of the transfer and the fact of the receipt of crowdfunded money in exchange will be displayed in the personal account of the participant on the website of the project.

The list of non-fiat funds (cryptocurrency) expected to be accepted will be long: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, Waves, EMC, etc.

Kolion in our project is probably a rare exception among numerous kinds of tokens and cryptocurrencies due to the fact that it is fully secured by the liquid product and assets from the project participants already at the stage of its creation. In addition, it is charged with features of a “loyalty card”: each token owner will be eligible to benefits – discounts for goods and services in the KOLIONOVO ecosystem.

These KOLION features allow for its existence. All outcomes of fundraising, net of reasonable costs, will be allocated to the development of the Kolionovo ecosystem, primarily to the expansion of production, assortment range and volume of production, provision of technological equipment and reduction of production costs. This is planned along with the development of infrastructure, social services, safety and introduction of "green technology" at the ecosystem participants’ facilities. The expansion of the range and quality of services provided, creation of conditions for a comfortable stay, work and rest are also planned.

A free circulation of KOLION on crypto exchanges is being considered. As noted above, it can be used within the "project localization" as a means of obtaining a discount for all the products and services produced within the ecosystem. The reward of “complimentary points” in the form of product tokens is provided as an incentive.

KLN "mining" is impossible in the traditional sense. However, there is a good alternative of their “fair earning” during staying in Kolionovo – in the first place, by helping with the project development, recovery and ongoing construction works, support of the project in the social media, etc.

Financial security of the project

At the moment, there is a plant nursery at the heart of our farm, which was created 9 years ago and supplies its own popular products to the gardening markets today. The range of products includes large-sized plants for municipal and design landscaping, ornamental plants, conifers line, fruit and berry crop line, rolled lawn grass, etc. All this is grown on the area of approx. 25-30 ha. There are plans to increase volumes and assortment in 2017.

Enterprises participating in the project grow potatoes and cereals; there is production and processing of food products – meat, fish, milk, poultry, in smaller amounts.

A separate activity area is industrial production, in particular the serial production of solid fuel boilers and heating components.

Commodity (stocks) assets also include production, installation and servicing of the "smart home" elements.

One of the important activities for the ecosystem is provision of agrotourism services (especially in the summer season), provision of the site for traditional Kolionovo public events (promotions, corporate parties, etc.). For this purpose, the existing infrastructure of the recreation complex (able to host up to 50-70 people at a time) is being recovered and adapted.

Crowdfunding of additional funds will open new opportunities and help speed up the local development of the KOLIONOVO ecosystem.

Relations with public authorities and jurisdiction of the project.

All the participants of the ecosystem consider our project as implementation of a new model of cooperation and farming in countryside.

The current legislation has not yet formulated clear criteria for the use of tokens and blockchain technology – especially, their use in the production activity. Anyway, their use leads to the development of the economy of the country in general, increase in its GDP, increase in employment, creation of new jobs, raising living standards and social self-sufficiency, and partial withdrawal of a number of processes from the "gray" economy.

As such, our project does not contradict the logic of development of the country. We announce a crowdfunding campaign to avoid the conflict in the first place.

Moreover, along with commission of new facilities, land utilization expansion, new productions, line of products and services presuppose an increase in total tax payments to the budgets of various levels.

It can be formulated that the processes will ensure the project development and its actual workability "on the ground" – in the legal field of the Russian Federation.

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2017-04-17 A great publication in THE COINTELEGRAPH
2017-04-05 In Kolionovo, began a campaign of sales of plants. Price in KLN -25%
2017-04-01 ICO started
2017-03-30 Press release for media
2017-03-26 A landing pagefor our ICO has been prepared.
2017-03-25 Cryptomat for exchanging cash rubles
2017-03-24 Retail solution

ICO ended

401 BTC
510,533 USD total value
Crowdsale ended

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Information for participants of the crowdfunding campaign

This project seeks to raise funds for the development of a range of physical agricultural products, popular environmentally clean goods and the provision of services for the first time.

The main purpose of the crowdfunding campaign is to increase the range and volume of production

Discount tokens KOLIONs, which are a crowdfunding tool, are really an investment in real "commodity assets" of the KOLIONOVO ecosystem.

The main purpose of the crowdfunding campaign is to increase the range and volume of production of the farms in the KOLIONOVO ecosystem that have been operating for at least a decade. Crowdfunding investment in the development of agribusiness is secured by liquid assets; raised funds will allow to at least double the production and sales volumes in a short time.

Discount tokens KOLIONs, which are a crowdfunding tool, are really an investment in real "commodity assets" (goods and services) of the KOLIONOVO ecosystem. Participation in this project does not involve earnings on "hype" or "pump", i.e. speculation in these assets, but rather offers everyone to join the loyalty program of the KOLIONOVO ecosystem, which develops steadily and systematically and growth in production volume.

Use of funds raised for development

The funds raised are intended to be used to increase the volume of production and range of goods and services; to fund the repair and restoration works at the facilities; to popularize ecotourism services and mass events arrangement; to administrate the project, including insurance.

Investment should result in a significant increase in volumes, product and service range, cost reductions, and combined steady growth in total annual sales from $250,000 to $500,000.

The complete (relevant) price list of goods and services will be regularly updated on this website and a separate one dedicated to sales.

Find more details in the White Paper

Participants in the project

A number of friendly farms, legal entities engaged in production, consumer society, private subsidiary farms, and individuals will participate in the project.

All the participants own the required production facilities, means of production, machinery, equipment, and land

Assets of the enterprises of the KOLIONOVO ecosystem include:
- agricultural land of more than 100 ha, as well as pond fish establishments.
- buildings, structures, auxiliary premises, hangars, warehouses, facilities for living creatures, with the total area of ​​over 5,000 sq.m.;
- more than 20 pieces of agricultural and automotive equipment;
- materials, equipment, production lines, machine tools, etc.

Enterprises of the ecosystem are engaged in economic activities in the fields of crop farming (plant nurseries, cereals and fodder crops, rolled lawn grass, etc.); production of meat and dairy products and their processing (poultry meat and eggs, fish, vegetables, fruit, berries and mushroom products); processing, storage, sale; production of boiler equipment, metal processing, servicing, etc.

The key localization of the project is Kolionovo village located in the rural settlement Yurtsovskoe of the Yegoryevsky district, Moscow region (Russia) and its surroundings.

The website is being created for the purpose of running the crowdfunding campaign for expansion of production, increase in the volume and range of sales, reduction in cost, through introduction of new technology (including blockchain).


Mikhail Shlyapnikov

Upon obtaining the degree in economics, Mikhail worked in the area of Soviet trading, administration and commercial structures. He moved from Moscow to the nearby Kolionovo village in 2007 and set up a farm of the same name, where he began to successfully apply various economic models: self-government, local economy, and minimization of dependence on the state and the banking system. Mikhail introduced the local commodity coupons (quasicurrency) "kolions" in Russia. For the first time ever he has managed to integrate these economic operations with blockchain technology, turning agribusiness into an "open ecosystem", ensuring a significant increase in production and operating income whilst maintaining compliance with the Russian legal and regulatory systems.

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