Ecoenvironment Kolionovo

The "Basic Kolion"


The purpose of the project: the purchase of land and buildings of the recreation and health in Kolionovo, bringing them into the proper form (repair), the completion of the baths, etc. For successful implementation of the project required an investment of 500'000 EUR.

Approximate cost estimates, eur:

Full provision of the entire amount of investment goods and the available machines.

Set a time limit:
February 1 .. February 28 - preliminary application fees
March 1 .. March 31 - ICO

Address: Moscow region, Yegoryevsk district, village Kolionovo.
Phone: +7-985-111-70-12, E-mail:
Farm "KOLIONOVO" - with love for his native land!

Recreation and health Kolionovo, founded in 1870

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